Things I do at Target

  • See people I don’t want to see
  • See cheerleaders from Ambrosia’s school and yell GO WOLVES AAAAAWOOOOOOO
  • Stare at things I can’t buy
  • Notice how everyone who works there is shorter than me
  • Wander aimlessly while my mom takes forever
  • Live in the TRON aisle
  • Leave the entertainment section when group of cuteish girls come to look at books
  • Ponder at the prices of soap
  • Crave Slurpees
  • Laugh at magazines
  • Buy a crazy cup and a Recognizer replica
  • Stand for 5 minutes considering what gum to buy
  • Realize I already have a million packs
  • Leave the store.
  • Forget where the car is parked
  1. anniesboobs said: Haha, everyone is shorter.
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    Thank you for reminding me I need to go to Target.
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    Visit Tango because she lives at Target
  4. 4dhime said: stare at all the old stickers and cards they have, play with the tron discs, while its in the box.
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